• What is a (sex) coach? 

A (sex) coach is a trained professional who works with you to overcome sexual problems.

A coach is not a therapist.

A coach doesn’t have sex with clients! Neither they observe you engaging in any sexual activity.

  • What's the difference between coaching and sex therapy? 

While sex therapy focuses on your past experiences and any psychological issues that may interfere with your sexual functioning, coaching focuses on what’s happening in your present life. 

Coaching is a collaborative approach that involves personalized education, skill building, and action plans to improve your sexual life. 

  • Coaching can help you overcoming different sexual and relationship issues including:

Providing sex-positive, safe environment to express yourself sexually without shame, blame or guilt.

Filling any sex education gaps: e.g. teaching about female pleasure, consent, etc.

Teaching about safer sex, STIs, and how to protect yourself during sex.

Helping women to experience more pleasure and orgasms.

Bringing the spark and intimacy back into your relationship.

Learning positive, effective communication skills to improve your intimate life.

Overcoming mismatched sex drives in couples.

Teaching you about pleasure and how to have better sex.

Guiding you on how to experiment with different types of sexual play, fantasies and role-playing.

Helping to heal a sexless marriage or improve desire & intimacy.

Helping to heal sexual issues so you can gain better sexual awareness.

Teaching about the different types of sex toys, how to use them and how to introduce them to your partner.

Guiding you how to initiate sex with a partner, foreplay techniques, kissing, etc.

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