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Marisol Pedeboy | MSc | Certified Sex-Coach

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About me

Marisol Pedeboy | MSc | Certified Sex-Coach

Hello, my name is Marisol Pedeboy, and I am based in Cambridge, United Kingdom.

I am a Sociologist, and MSc in Gender and Sexuality.

I am an accredited Life Coach & Sex-Coach , and currently completing a Master's Degree in Sexology.


MSc Gender & Sexuality - Birkbeck University of London (UK)

Specialist in Sex Coaching - Emocionarte Coaching (Spain)

Conscious Romantic Relationships - Stonebridge Associated Colleges (UK)

Social Mediator in Emotional and Sexual Education  - Animacion Servicios Educativos y Tiempo Libre (Spain)

Mindfulness based Cognitive Behavioural Therapy - Stonebridge Associated Colleges (UK)

Life Coaching Diploma - ICS Learn (UK)

Sexuality and Its Disorders - Centro Carpe Diem SL (Spain)

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What is a sex-coach?

A sex-coach is a professional trained in various aspects of human sexuality who helps people overcome sexual problems. A sex-coach teaches, supports, and listens to help their clients achieve their sexual, intimacy and relationship goals.

Who do sex-coaches help?

Sex-coaches help a wide range of individuals. In our society most people grow up with a lack of sex education and sex-positive information, and for that reason, most of us could use the services that a sex-coach provides. Sex-coaches deal with a variety of clients regardless of gender, race, sexual orientation, age or lifestyle. 


What type of issues do sex-coaches help with?

  • Help couples bring the spark and intimacy back into their relationship.

  • Help couples learn positive, effective communication skills.

  • Help couples overcome a mismatched sex drive.

  • Help women experience more pleasure and orgasms.

  • Teach individuals and couples about pleasure and how to have better erotic relationships.

  • Give their clients a sex-positive, safe environment to express themselves sexually without shame, blame or guilt.

  • Teach couples how to experiment with different types of erotic play, fantasies and role-playing.

  • Teach about safer erotic relationship, STIs, and how to protect themselves.

  • Teach individuals about their sexual anatomy and how to achieve satisfying and pleasurable erotic relationships.

  • Teach about sex toys, the different types of toys, how to use them and how to introduce them to a partner.


What is the difference between a coach and a therapist?

A coach is a professional who is certified to help clients identify current issues in their sex life and to create an action plan towards their desired goals. They don’t deal with past issues, but are future-orientated helping the client set goals to transform their present sex life. Unlike therapist they don’t diagnose or treat a client’s dysfunctions. A coach will refer clients to a therapist when necessary, if they need professional medical help or psychotherapy.

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How do sessions work?

Coaching sessions are talk-based. The coach will use approaches and techniques to help you achieve your goal.

How many sessions do I need?

It really depends, sometimes, all you need is reassurance and essential advice, and sometimes the issue is more complex, and you will need more sessions. On average, most individuals achieve their goals in between 5-10 sessions. 

How long is each session?

Each session is up to 60 minutes long.

How much does it cost?

Individual online sessions cost £60 / £80 for couple's sessions. Sessions must be paid in advance.

Do you have more questions?

Drop me an EMAIL and I will get back ASAP.

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