A bit about me...

Here I am, sitting with a cup of coffee, watching my little girl playing, while trying to write a little bit about myself. I know, that's what they call multi-tasking! Yeah!

But I think that says a lot about me, SEXUALITY is my passion. I love reading, writing and of course talking about sexuality! Why? Because I believe sex should be something positive, but there are still lots of taboos and misconceptions about sexuality. So this is the reasons I started BE SEXPOSITIVE, to offer you an honest and positive approach to sex.

I live in Cambridge, UK with my daughter and my partner; although I'm was born in Argentina and grew up in Spain.

What do I do when I'm not writing a script, researching on a topic, filming or editing one of my videos, or watching videos about sexuality on YouTube, you might wonder? You can find me spending time with my family, playing with my little girl, walking or jogging along the river Cam, or making the most out of my Netflix subscriptions (lol). But my other biggest passion is traveling, so whenever I can I escape to visit a new city, discover a new country and, of course, enjoying their delicious cuisine.


It was while completing my degree in Sociology, that I decided to focus my research on female sexuality - Discovering Oneself: Heteronormativity and women's desire. It was great opportunity to get a better understanding of how women experience their own sexuality, and how much such a personal matter like masturbation could be impacted by patriarchal society.

As a sociologist I'm interested in the impact society can have on such an intimate part of our lives as sex. I learned that from 19th Century the focus has been on treating 'disorders' when, in reality, what sometimes needed to be challenged are ideas and perceptions on sexuality and gender.

However, it came clear that patriarchy could be also oppressive for men so I decided to research The Impact of Impotence on Male Identity for my Master's degree.

In 2010 I started a blog called Lilith's Sexuality as an way to share my thoughts. I also worked as a Life/Sex Coach in Cambridge, UK. After few years I decided to take a break to pursuit another professional challenge. 

But I'm now back! And I'd love if you join me in this journey of making the world more SEXPOSITIVE.

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