Hello! I am Marisol Pedeboy, sex educator and coach.
I am a sociologist with a MSc degree in Gender and Sexuality.

I am here to help you enjoying your sexual life to its full potential.

SEXUALITY is my passion. I love reading, writing and of course talking about sexuality! Why? Because I think sex should be a positive thing, but there are still a lot of taboos and misconceptions about sexuality.


I live in Cambridge, UK, with my daughter and partner. I am Argentine and I lived most of my childhood and youth in Madrid, Spain.


It was while I was completing my degree in Sociology, when I decided to focus my dissertation research on female sexuality: Discovering yourself: heteronormativity and the desire of women. It was a great opportunity to understand better how women experience sexuality and how much a personal issue such as masturbation could be affected by patriarchal ideas.


As a sociologist, I am interested in the impact that society can have on such an intimate part of our lives as sex. I learned that since the 19th century the medical focus has been on the treatment of "disorders" when, in reality, what sometimes should be changed are ideas and conceptions about gender and sexuality.


However, it became clear to me that patriarchy could also be oppressive to men, so I decided to investigate The Impact of Impotence on Male Identity for my master's dissertation.


I am currently completing a Master in Sexology at the Camilo José Cela University in Madrid, Spain.

Right now I work as a sex-coach exclusively online. I also work as a sex educator creating online courses, workshops and content for YouTube and other social media platforms.